In international cricket, pace bowlers like Trent Boult, Haris Rauf, Pat Cummins, Gerald Coetzee, and a host of others have chosen New Balance as their footwear of choice. These cricketers opt for NB shoes due to the remarkable comfort, superior cushioning, and exceptional durability they provide.

In the dynamic and swift world of cricket, where precision and agility are the keys to success, the significance of footwear cannot be overstated. New Balance, a brand renowned for its innovative spirit, consistently pushes technological boundaries to craft cricket shoes that cater to the dynamic demands of players.

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Let's take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes journey, unveiling the advanced technology and innovation that powers New Balance cricket shoes.

The Genesis of Innovation: New Balance's Pursuit of Excellence

Explore the core philosophy of New Balance, where an unwavering commitment to innovation drives the development of cricket footwear that stands out in a competitive market.

Precision Engineering: Sculpting the Ideal Sole

In the case of spiked soles, the primary rubber sole is highly responsive and soft, while the spikes themselves are crafted from metal, providing exceptional traction and tracking force. The rubber sole is crafted from high-quality rubber material, enhancing players' grip on the playing surface. Dive into the intricate process of designing and engineering the soles of New Balance cricket shoes. From material selection to pattern design enhancing traction, each detail is meticulously considered to provide players with a solid foundation on the field.

Fuel Cell: Ultimate comfort and cushioning

FuelCell, featuring nitrogen-infused foam, propels the athlete swiftly off the cushioning platform, ensuring enduring performance. Distinguishing between Fresh Foam and FuelCell-based shoes: Fresh Foam provides a soft underfoot experience for sustained comfort during each mile, while FuelCell offers an ideal combination of speed, rebound, and energy return. 

REVlite , The innovative lightweight shoe feel

Introducing an inventive foam compound that matches the responsiveness and durability of New Balance foams, which are traditionally 30% heavier. REVlite ensures a lightweight ride without compromising construction, underfoot cushioning, or stability.

Responsive Midsole Technology: Changing the Game

Uncover the secrets behind the responsive midsole technology that sets New Balance cricket shoes apart. Delve into the science of how these midsoles adapt to players' movements, offering the perfect balance of support and flexibility during intense cricketing actions. Utilising a responsive midsole ensures that players have more time for their next movement, allowing them to prepare quickly and enhance their overall performance.

Lightweight Mastery: The Art of Material Selection

Lightweight shoes facilitate easy running, whether for bowlers or batsmen striving to score runs. In the case of fast bowlers, a lightweight shoe contributes to a smooth follow-through and facilitates a quick release of the ball.Discover the lightweight materials that New Balance incorporates into their cricket shoes. Explore how these advanced materials not only reduce overall weight but also contribute to enhanced agility and swift movements on the field.

Custom Fit for Every Player: Personalized Comfort Technology

Learn about the technology that enables New Balance cricket shoes to provide a custom fit for every player. From adjustable features to molds adapting to individual foot shapes, explore how the brand caters to the unique needs and preferences of cricketers.

New Balance Cricket Stud Shoe Size Chart

Size Mention shoe Shoe in UK
Lenth in CM
UK-6    24.5
UK-7    25.5
UK-8    26.5
UK-9    27.5
UK-10    28.5
UK-11    29.5

Climate Control: Ventilation and Breathability

Delve into the ventilation and breathability technologies that keep players comfortable in diverse cricketing conditions. Learn how these features ensure players' feet stay cool and dry, regardless of the heat on the pitch.

Impact Mitigation: Shielding Players from Strain

Cricket involves high-impact moments, and New Balance addresses this challenge directly. Explore the innovative technologies that absorb shock and reduce strain on players' joints, providing a protective layer against the rigors of the game.

Player-Tested, Coach-Approved: Real-World Performance

Hear firsthand accounts from professional cricketers and coaches who have experienced the performance of New Balance cricket shoes. Understand how these technologies translate into real-world advantages on the pitch, contributing to success at the highest level.

Research and Development: A Peek into the Future

Conclude the journey by looking forward to the ongoing research and development efforts at New Balance. Anticipate future technologies and innovations that might be on the horizon, shaping the next generation of cricket footwear.

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In the fiercely competitive realm of cricket, where every advantage is crucial, the technology and innovation powering New Balance cricket shoes emerge as a driving force. As players continually push the limits of their performance, New Balance remains at the forefront, ensuring that every step on the cricketing field is backed by the latest in footwear technology

Considering the features and technical aspects mentioned above, it can be affirmed that NB shoes are designed to provide outstanding comfort, stability, and traction, catering specifically to the needs of fast bowlers and batsmen. New Balance shoes stand as the preferred choice for world-class cricket players. Explore the comprehensive range of NB cricket shoes with spike and stud options available at