Badminton Racket weight is very important for player as it impact the players performance. Based on racket weight, balance and configuration, overall racket behavior works.

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Lightweight racket (76 to 83 Gems) is always preferred by that player who wants very fast rallies with following key benefits:

• Lightweight rackets are always good for quick racket movements

• Lightweight racket weight will vary from 76 gms to 83 gms.

• As lightweight racket is easy to move so it will provide ability to hit quick shots. Player with lightweight racket can perform better shots.

• With lightweight rackets player can do better counter attack.

• Lightweight rackets are always good for better and accurate shot delivery.

• Players with doubles game will prefer to play with lightweight rackets.

• With Lightweight racket, players may feel little bit power loss but if player knows the better swing speed than this could be managed.

Mid weight Racket (82 to 89 Gms) is suitable for attacking game with optimize control:

• Mid weight rackets are most popular among the players.

• Mid weight racket comes under 82 gms to 89 gms.

• Mid weight is suitable for those who want attacking game style. With mid weight, player will get better movement of inertia which helps in generating more power on shots.

• Mid weight is always preferred for stoke making player, player who love the push his or her opponents deep into the court.

In order to specify the weight of the racket different manufacture use different standard. For a player, it is very important to understand these standards so that he or she can pick up best.
In this blog we are listing badminton racket weight standards used by different companies.

Yonex Racket weight standards:

Yonex used U as specifying the weight of the racket. As per Yonex rackets weight system, 2U is maximum racket weight .i.e. around 90 to 94.9 Gms while they represent F for lightest racket. Weight comes in F will be around 70 to 74 gms.

Yonex Arcsaber FB comes in F standard while, Yonex Lite racket series comes in 5U. Similarly Yonex most popular racket Voltric 7 comes in 4U.

Below is the List of different strand used by Yonex for representing the racket weight:


THRAX Racket weight standards:

Thrax also use U as explaining its racket weight standards .Thrax racket weight standard starts from 2U and it goes till 7U .

2U is represents the 90 to 94.9 Gms while 7U represents 65 to 69.9 Gms.

Most of the Thrax rackets are feather weight racket which comes in 6U to 7U weight categories.

Thrax Furious and Astra series comes in 6U and 7U weight category. Most of the Astra and Furious rackets is Carbon handle single mould racket for ultra strong unit and lightweight feel.

Check this graph for getting more knowledge on Thrax racket weight standards.


Li Ning Racket weight standards:

LI Ning use W for explaining its racket weight standards. Its start with W1 which represent 72 to 80 gms as comes under lightweight racket series. W3 represent to mid weight category.

Most of the LI Ning rackets comes in W2 categories. Li Ning Windstorm Lite series comes in W1. Windstorm 72 ,75 and 78 are the lightweight rackets in Li Ning rackets series.


Apacs Racket weight standards:

Apacs also used U as explaining its racket weight standards. Apacs Lightest racket comes in 8U category which is 59.9 and below.

Apacs feather Wight rackets are very popular. Feather weight comes in 7U to 8U categories.

Apacs feather weight 55 weight is 8U. it is the lightest racket in Apacs series.